Protocol Overview

The Guild strives to promote inclusivity and diversity amongst our user base to facilitate career exploration and individual autonomy. We have crafted three distinct identities open to all but allow for greater career specializations. With these set of tools, our aim is to provide improved income opportunities, bolster reputations, connect work profiles on a more substantial level, and strive towards continuous learning and professional growth.

In this section, we will be taking a deeper look at how The Guild works, and explain how it can be best utilized. The Guild’s primary offering is to allow any community to collectively operate a decentralized quest board for posting and completing tasks that are rewarded. This helps to align incentives around production and value, as mutual participation strengthens the ecosystem.

Target Users

The Guild is designed for collective community ownership. Development is funded through the treasury with further growth being roadmapped through community proposals. The Board upon reaching self-sustainability can make a transition into a self-governing cooperative contributing to subsidies of the DAO via a revenue sharing model. This will then ensure a circular economic system. It was imperative to us when developing this to prioritze user incentives rather than solely maximizing shareholder profits or VC ROIs.

Our Quest Board is comprised of several parts to be leveraged by any community and easily transitions into a sustainable DAO structure.

  • Seekers - Post and manage quests based on tasks that need completion, providing details of scope, time, and bounty size.

    • Key Benefits:

      • Access specialized talent directly from within your community

      • Incentivize growth of niche expertise and passions

      • Lower costs compared to external agencies

      • Reduce time spent training and onboarding around the business and prioritize the necessary objectives of the task

  • Solvers - Browse and complete quests that are directly relevant to skill level. Every completed quest will reflect as reputation and XP that can be shared with seekers for a more streamlined process.

    • Key Benefits:

      • Showcase hard skills and profile to the community

      • Open opportunities to potential collaborations

      • Be rewarded for contributing to the community

      • Build a reputation via achievements, badges, and reviews

  • Patrons - Members of the community that indirectly contribute to the completion of a task. For example, referring the right solver for a quest or supporting a solver with the necessary resources to complete a quest.

    • Key Benefits:

      • Utilize existing networks to grow the reach and size of the community

      • Be rewarded for simply sharing and recommending people

      • Uplift other members of the community and raise its profile overall

  • Community Admins - Moderate and approve all quests to ensure posting legitimacy and define the parameters of the quests being posted.

    • Key Benefits:

      • Develop and retain in-house talent

      • Prioritize and focus on the communities core objectives

      • Boost community engagement through purpose-driven tasks

      • Scale and expand community to new audiences

  • DAO Treasury - Receives fee revenue to fund operations and be distributed amongst the community to maintain member engagement.

    • Key Benefits:

      • Revenue stream from fees can be re-invested back into community growth

      • Bootstraps network effects

      • Better alignment between community goals, values, and its members

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