Onboarding to Web3 through The GUILD

The initial representation of The Guild protocol connects diverse talents, facilitating an environment of learning, growth, and communal connections through a proprietary Quest board. This dynamic ecosystem encourages collaboration and mentorship, cultivating idea development and professional advancement.

By combining Web3 capabilities with proven Web2 models, we are increasing accessibility ensuring a seamless user experience and smooth adaptation to new tech paradigms prioritizing user-centricity, streamlined interfaces, and more equitable practices.


Blockchain utilization in The Guild, ensures transparency, greater security, and equitable transactions. The inclusion of NFTs affords tamer-proof verification of skills and achievements, increasing user access to income opportunities and financial autonomy.

  • Our Core Offerings:

    • Decentralized Quest Board - The Guild will be launching with a decentralized Quest Board as an initial use case of our protocol capabilities. The board connects those seeking to have a task completed with high-quality talent.

    • Account Abstraction & Zero-Knowledge Verification - Improving security and privacy, users have full control of the data they share. zkMEs inclusion, an Identity Oracle that verifies credentials without relying on trust or intermediaries, reduces the proliferation of bots.

    • Email-based Wallets - Reducing the friction into Web3, email-based non-custodial wallets provide users who are unfamiliar with Web3-native custodial practices.

    • XP Token System - our XP Token, a cornerstone of our gamification approach, is specially designed to be mintable and burnable, aligning with our user engagement and reward systems.

    • Referral and Shares System - Integrating a multi-level referral system and a shares feature into our protocol architecture to encourage user growth and participation, offering additional investment opportunities within The Guild.

    • Advanced Account Management with NFTs - The Guild offers a secure, yet novel approach to manage user identities and interactions. Consistent participation on the platform unlocks access to greater Quests, rewards, and community-wide incentives.

    • Decentralized Dispute Resolution - Emphasizing fairness and transparency, we’re crafting an on-chain dispute resolution system. This ensures a decentralized and equitable process for resolving conflicts, cultivating trust and reliability.

    • Governance and Community Involvement - Implementing a voting contract for users to have a say in key decisions not only democratizing governance but also closely aligning with our vision of a community-driven marketplace.

Social Features

Social tools provide users with a way to interact with the community and guild personal networks.

  • Core Features:

    • Social Feed - Users can stay up-to-date on most suitable Quest recommendations, what’s going on in their networks, and industry news.

    • User-to-User Messaging - Direct and group messaging to help facilitate collaboration and concentrated community efforts.

    • Guilds & Community Management - Guilds can be built around achieving specific goals or even launching products. The possibilities are endless with users being able to contribute towards a common goal regardless of technical ability.

    • Network Growth Catalysts - Bootstrap network growth through special incentives and events powered by third-party integrations


Design principles embedded within The Guild enhance its usability, promoting user engagement through personalized experiences, interactive feedback, and social influence.

Our integrated gamification system encourages user participation leading to greater community cohesion and network effects.

  • Core Features:

    • Gamification System - Simultaneously targetting intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of users to increase participation within The Guild. In addition, it serves as a clearer representation of career progressions and achievements.

    • Social Influence & Reputation System - Users can build a reputation to not only act as an indicator towards professional capability, but, also as a development path towards mentorship, advisory, and becoming a Key Opinion Leader.

    • Platform Personalization - Moderation and security features provide users greater customization over their browsing experience.

    • Incentive & Deterrance Framework - Users can earn a vast array of rewards for their good deeds, and bad actors will face limitations and penalties in order to maintain a welcoming space for everyone.

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