Monetization & Tokenomics

Our monetization is intricately designed to contribute to a circular economy. With a concentration on platform sustainability, longevity, and scalability while maintaining accessibility and managing inflation our model focuses on prioritizing value over profits.


  • Seeker Fees - A 3% Seeker Fee is charged on top of the total quest contract amount, which will be paid by the seeker when the funds for the quest contract are sent to escrow.

    For example: A Web Development Quest might be worth $1,000. When a Seeker agrees to work with a Solver and the fee has been sent to escrow, a fee of $30 will be added making the total fee paid $1030.

    • Fee Breakdown:

      Out of the 3% Seeker Fee, 1% will go to Referral Rewards and 2% will go to Platform Revenue.

    Referral Reward1%

    Platform Revenue


    Total Seeker Fee


  • Solver Fees - A 10% Solver Fee is deducted from the quest bounty on successful completion of a task.

    For example: After completing a quest worth $1,000. Once the Seeker has approved the work submitted and the escrow payment is about to be released to the Solver, a fee of $100 will be deducted and the Solver will receive $900.

    • Fee Breakdown:

      Out of the 10% Solver Fee, 2% will go to Referral Rewards and 7% will go to Platform Revenue, and 1% will go to the Platform Treasury.

    Referral Reward2%

    Platform Revenue


    Platform Treasury


    Total Solver Fee


  • Shares Fees - In a bid to encourage wider community participation and engagement centered around shared goals, The Guild will be introducing a Shares system as part of our gamification. Shares reflect the value of a Solver. Every Solver will have a finite number of Shares that can be bought and sold. The fee of 10% will be collected on each sale and purchase.

    • Fee Breakdown:

      Out of the 10% Shares Fee, 5% will go to the Solver, 2% will go to Platform Revenue, and 3%% will go to Referral Rewards.


    Platform Revenue


    Referral Reward


    Total Shares Fee


  • Referral Rewards - Patrons will receive perpetual revenue from any Seeker or Solver that they bring to The Guild. The Referral Rewards are made up of a combination of Seeker, Solver, and Shares Fees at 1%, 2%, and 2% respectively.

    Seeker Fee1%

    Solver Fee


    Shares Fee


Referral Rewards are also multi-layered, meaning that Patrons can still earn from those who have been referred (a level 2) by those that were originally referred to The Guild by them (a level 1). Additionally, the higher the level and XP of the Patron, the greater the referral reward will be.

For example: Bob has referred Alice to The Guild and Alice has referred James, Bob will still receive some rewards from quests completed or posted by James.

  • Rewards Distribution:

    The following table covers four levels of referrals over five different tiers.


    Level 1






    Level 2






    Level 3






    Level 4






Referral Rewards Fee - A subsequent fee of 30% will be charged on Referral Rewards as they’re being paid to the referring Patron.

For example: If a Patron is to receive $30 in Referral Rewards from a quest being uploaded by a Seeker. At 30%, $9 will be deducted from the overall reward with the Patron receiving $21.

  • Fee Breakdown:

    Referral Rewards Fees will be distributed evenly 50/50 between Platform Revenue and Participation Rewards which will be shared through events to The Guild members.


Our tokenomics are currently designed with a focus on aligning incentives amongst stakeholders. The Guild adopts a dual token system comprised of:

  • XP (Experience Points) -

    • Earned after completing a Quest and through platform participation

    • Unlocks additional benefits and rewards:

      • Higher Quest Tiers

      • Access to Exclusive Guilds

      • Discounted Platform Fees

      • Boosts Governance Influence

    The supply of XP increases based on overall user activity. While XP can be minted, it is non-transferable adopted to incentivize community engagement and participation.

  • GG (Guild Gems) -

    • Voting and Governance Token

    • Gives access to tiered privileges

    • Unlocking greater privileges within The Guild

    • Priority Quest Matching and Career Services

    • Profile Badges

    The supply of GG is controlled by the treasury based on platform necessities and community needs.

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