The Guild is a holistic approach to bolster the proliferation of Web3 to a more mainstream audience. Motivated by reducing the issues the have led to the stagnation in DAO adoption. Our ecosystem provides an environment for the cultivation of global talent and communal development opportunities encouraging innovation and access to increased financial autonomy. Through a combination of technological advancements offered by blockchain proven, Web2 models, and CAPTOLOGY design principles, our protocol is primed to revitalize digital workspaces and the freelance economy outputting community-driven execution and co-operative value creation.

Our initial launch platform provides a comprehensive showcase of systems built around maximizing The Guild to deliver real-world utility. Key features that will deliver our vision include the following:

  • A Decentralized Quest Board

  • Account Abstraction & Zero-Knowledge Verification

  • Email-based Wallets

  • XP Token System

  • Referral and Shares System

  • Advanced Account Management with NFTs

  • Decentralized Dispute Resolution

  • Various Social Features

The journey of The Guild has just begun and we invite you to join us. Follow us and reach out to us if you’re interested in getting involved.

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